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About us

About us

We started our journey back in 1991, the main  purpose behind  the establishment of  Galaxy was to educate masses about computers and to provide them necessary quality h'ware. As a matter of fact, since first day of the establishment we tried our level best to provide genuine and quality pro- ducts to our customers. Galaxy never compromised on  quality to make profits. This is the  reason that today, Galaxy is ranked among the Top Resellers all over Pakistan with its Karachi, Lahore & 
Rawalpindi Outlets and moreover our website for masses to view prices as reference.

Keeping in view the need of time, we always strived to introduce the latest products. Galaxy is  not only the top ranked  retailer but we are also the distributors for the products which are considered to be unique in there kind & difficult to get. Due to availability of such products it is made  possible for a common user to use and facilitate himself with the latest inventions.

Not only in Pakistan but also abroad users get themselves updated by using our website. Our Web site is updated daily and it contains not only the prices of the products but also useful links, confi- gurations by which it’s easier for the customers to choose the right product.

With respect to Product Distribution, Galaxy is very popular among the dealers across Pakistan for gaming, 3D graphic hardware and high-end casings & cooling solution. The dealers emphasize on using the world famous brands for graphic cards and memory. We are authorized distributors  for Cooler Master manufacturers of  High-end Chassis, Power Supplies, Cooling Solution -- Corsair, World's leader in making  Enthusiastic Memory, Standard memory for Laptops and desktop, Solid State Drives. We also distribute Inno3D & EVGA- which are Nvidia based 3D graphic cards, HiS the unique quality manufacturer of AMD 3D Cards.

As a resellers we deals in most popular laptop brands round the globe like Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony. We also provide wide range of Apple iPads - iPhones and Android based tablets and phone devices.

As Intel's platinum partner we are selling Galaxy brand Desktops Pc's and multi purpose servers for small medium enterprises. We design customized desktop Pc's according to your specific requirement.


A variety of printers, scanners, cartridges, input addons, mouse, keyboard, internal hard drives for desktop pc's and laptop. Portable storage media in leading brands, High Definition LCD/LED display network and internet accessories, License software's can be seen in your right category bar.

We use different means to communicate with our valued customers, suppliers and well wishers which includes email, phone, website and social media. On contact page all the details are listed through which we can be contacted.


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